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Pub and Bar

Pub and Bar Pictures






Pubs and bars. Possibly the subject on this site about which we know most. Not that we're drunks or alcoholics, you understand, more like sophisticated, complete imbibers who know how to have a good time, m'lud.

We're lucky enough to have travelled widely and taken the opportunity to sample the delights of bars, cafés, pubs and clubs in countries around the world, imbibing a varied selection of beers, wine, spirits, aperitifs, cocktails and, well, whatever there is to hand! We've used that experience in establishing our fine collection of pub pictures, bar posters and cocktail cartoons.

We come from England's capital, so our formative years were oft (mis)spent in London pubs or inns. As we've gained more experience and, dare I say it, matured, our tastes have got more sophisticated. The wonders of modern transportation mean it's jolly easy to get to Paris by train so we're now often to be seen in a Parisian bar with a coupe de champagne in our hand. Sadly, the ladies we've met in such establishments have been somewhat less alluring than those shown in our French posters and glamour section; mind you, their opinion of us is probably, and justifiably, less than flattering.

Alcohol is of course something which should be consumed sensibly. When it's not, the antics of the inebriated are a rich source of material for the cartoonist and so we have a plethora of drink cartoons here to poke gentle fun at the trials, tribulations and pleasures of the merry. Alehouse frolics have been the caricaturist's staple for centuries, from Teniers to Rowlandson and on to the present day.

Music and drink, go together like a horse and carriage - as the song didn't say. That's why we have a remarkable collection of popular song sheet covers on drinking - after lurve it must be the song writers' favourite subject.

What makes a good pub? Location, perhaps; ambience (and our commercial interior division can make a valuable contribution to that) certainly; and most importantly the landlord, or mine host. He (or she) sets the tone and a sensitive barman knows when to talk and when not to. We've only been banned from one pub, and that was because we described the landlord as "a shaved ape that has trouble adding up simple numbers" in a pub guide to Oxford. A far more remarkable statistic is the number of drinking dens that we haven't been given the old heave ho from, a tribute to the forgiving good nature (and recognition of a good source of revenue) of most guv'nors.